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In the New B2B Market, There's Room for All

Welcome to the win-win market.

How early are we in this business-to-business play, and how much room is there for the winners? Take this morning's research call.

Morgan Stanley

mentioned that


(ORCL) - Get Report

might be cracking into some of

General Motors'

(GM) - Get Report

auto supply contract work.

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My first thought was, oh my, my B2B portfolio is going to be

"All Blow'd Up" because

Commerce One


currently has a great relationship with GM. In fact, that's why I paid so much to draft Commerce One. I figured that the B2B market for auto parts supplies will be huge and Commerce One had been anointed by GM. I didn't want Oracle sneaking in there (as much as I am long Oracle in real life, I wasn't too unhappy).

But here is Commerce One jumping 13 points, despite the news! This is incredible. In a less dynamic market, this stock would have been hammered. But I guess there is just room for everybody.

Commerce One, by the way, is helping my B2B team to a hefty 8% since its inception a week ago.

Be there or be offline.

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