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In Praise of Helene

Meisler, that is. As in the past, she is the helpful arbiter Cramer needs in this market.
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Ten years ago, when I was fighting with my wife pretty much every day over where we should put our money in the market, we often needed an arbiter, someone we both trusted, to resolve when we were at loggerheads.

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That arbiter we chose was

Helene Meisler

. She always augmented her technical style with shrewd insights about sectors and enabled us to bring closure to difficult decisions about which stocks to buy and sell.

We lost track of Helene after she went to work in-house for

Goldman Sachs

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. But when we started

, she appeared again, via email, and we hooked her into her terrific technical stuff that she does for us every day.

Once again, she is the helpful arbiter I need in this market. No sooner did I see my ABT

piece than I read Helene's

dispatch this morning. I think she is spot on. You could argue that I am using her as a crutch to confirm my own views.

You would be right.

It is a well-fitted crutch that has made me a ton of money. I smiled when I read her column this morning. I know if my wife and I were battling, this piece would silence us. And get us putting money to work in the sectors she likes.

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