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If Bonds Would Only Behave

Cisco's good news could spark a serious rise in tech stocks, but the success of any rally hinges on the bonds.


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sure did its part to further the


rally. And this time we don't have to guess why the firm didn't do a split; we got one right off the bat.

The confidence steaming off this call made me feel better about tech than I have in weeks. Now if the bond market would stop being such a butt pain, we could get something serious going again in tech, maybe even retrace the points lost in the last month.

Remember, Cisco has done nothing but mark time as we awaited the results of this quarter. I am betting that on Wednesday, analysts will gush about this one, and state that all is well in all of the markets that Cisco plies. That could be good news for a whole group of stalled telco-tech stocks.

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But the good news will be fleeting if these bonds don't stop going down (and up in yield.) Which means that we will have another


match on our hands, for Wednesday -- one that won't be decided until the 10-year jump bond ball shows us either to 6% or back to 5.625% (on the 30-year), where tech buyers will emerge and re-energize the sector.

You know which way I am betting.

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Thanks for all of the kind kudos from so many of you today. My dad and sister were overwhelmed as I scrolled through the great emails one by one in front of them. A truly blessed day.

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