I Left My Heart in Cisco

Cisco's 10-Q indicates the company's growth could slow significantly. The Street is freakin' out.
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that came out last night indicates that Cisco's growth could slow significantly. Is this the same boilerplate or is this new? The Street is in a total tizzy about this as I write, with the stock indicated down huge.

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I just scooped some at 93, but I do so with a shudder as we frantically try to figure out whether something has really changed. All of our meetings with Cisco -- the public forums -- are running contrary to this language so my take is to buy. But one thing is certain, if I had any hair on top of my head, I would have ripped it out as this is my favorite long-term stock and I would be shocked if something really had changed.

I am used to some level of worry about CSCO's notoriously honest 10-Qs, but this one takes the cake. The poisoned cake.

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