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Hunting in the Tech Grounds

The trader's looking at several types of tech stocks, including companies done paying for Y2K.
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Get me some stock!

Those four words seem like the operative rap worldwide this morning. We are no different. We are trying to go after three types of stocks: tech that is through paying the price of Y2K, tech that was hot last week, and tech that has cooled because big lock-up expirations have weighed too heavily on it.

The last is the most interesting to me. Nobody wanted to take a stab at these heavy stocks at the end of the year because they could detract from performance. Now, however, they seem like godsends


there is enough supply to get long immediately.

And that's what we want to do.

Random musings:

What a contrast. There is

Bill Parcells

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last night on

60 Minutes

talking about how winning is all that he believes in, that it is a religion. And there is

Robert Sanborn


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Oakmark Fund talking about how his stock-picking method, which has generated two horrible years for his investors, is his religion. Not to be sacrilegious, but it would seem that Parcells does more for his believers with his religion than Sanborn does for his investors with his.

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