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Humbled by a Happy Fed

Now, Cramer's just going over the slim pickings of the market, but it's enough to get the job done.

Fed's happy. Happier than we thought. Fed's no longer the enemy.

My bearish partner, Jeff, is busy trying to jump out of the window, as a happy Fed means we don't get our buying opportunity and we have to buy them up rather than down. I don't even think he will succeed in breaking the window, so we won't have to worry about talking him off the ledge.

For us, it means trying to buy what we can, trying to get in on stuff that was higher 20 minutes ago that has now come in after that ramp.

Slim pickings, but enough to do the job.

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As optimistic as I try to be, even identifying the

nirvana case, I am humbled by what has to be the single most bullish thing the Fed can do.

And grateful for some chance to get in on some tech stocks that have not run that could have excellent quarters.

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