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) -- Here's a question from one of our readers:

Q: I've been excelling in my job for three years and have yet to be properly recognized or promoted. I believe this is partially due to our present economy and job shortage, but I also realize I need to speak up for myself as well. Regardless, I am lucky enough to actually love my job and do not want to leave. Noah, please give me some tips to take action!


Plenty of hard workers spend an unnecessary amount of time hoping their superior or adviser will publicly praise them for their efforts.That's not going to happen, folks! The boss thanks you by paying you.

So, the question becomes: How do I get a raise?

Remember to be patient and open to some rejection at first.

As per your request, the tips:

1. Regardless of the strained economy, understand your self-worth. Do not be afraid to be your biggest supporter.

2. Become capable of quantitatively and qualitatively proving this worth. In this economy, bosses deal in facts, not sentiment.

3. Emphasize the fact that you have worked years at the company,and are asking for a raise based on your desire to continue a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship.

4. Timing is important. Ask yourself these questions before taking it to your superior...

a. Which is the least stressful day of the week for your boss?

b. What hour is the best time of the day to have this meeting?

c. Where is the best spot in our offices to have this conversation?

5. Remember to be patient and open to some rejection at first. Your boss may say no, before he/she says yes. Embrace negotiation.

6. Your greatest strength is the love you have for your job. Express this passion (not sentimentally) but with purpose.Think innovation. Think the future.

Your contemporaries, spouse, parents or friends may tell you to feel happy or thankful that you still have a job. That's fine as you already understand the effect this troubled economy has on your workplace and industry. Still, you do not have to let that define your individual choice to take action. Keep your head held high as you take pride in your work performance history and be fearless in your self-advocacy.

To all the readers, Happy Holidays! Enjoy your family and friends.

Have a profitable and peaceful week,