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How Do Brokers Treat You?

Do these professionals treat you differently because of gender or the size of your account? Join the discussion.
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I vant to be left alone.

While they're not reclusive Swedes, several readers have that attitude, at least when it comes to brokers. Having dealt with brokers' bad attitudes and even worse results, they would rather do their own investing and money management.

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Women & Investing: Broker Bias? board.

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Several readers who have posted to our Women & Investing message board told us about their experiences. Now tell us your stories.

Has your experience with a broker been good or bad? Do you think this had something to do with your gender or the size of your account? The broker's perceiving you as a novice investor? Post your questions on this board. It is part of the Women & Investing message board. (OK, OK -- we can already hear your protests. But this is where the discussion germinated and we'd like to find out if women's experiences differ from those of men.)

Have questions about brokerages? Post them here, too. We'll do our best to see that they get answered.