Hold Onto Today

Remember today's lessons the next time the bears start swarming around you.
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Remember days like today the next time the bears come dancing out on our heads and telling us how nothing can go right. They'll also be singing about how we are trapped in a vicious downward spiral that can only be cured by a violent reaction lower.

No matter that today felt totally phony. No matter that it seemed like mutual funds were just in buying their favorite names to take them to levels where, even if they fell for two days, the quarter would still be fine.

No matter that tomorrow could be a tough day for


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now that it reported some bad volume numbers. We had terrible numbers from



and the stock went up. Maybe we have to buy Coke tomorrow too!

If you wanted to sell, you could sell all you want, on the offered side (above the last sale). I was able to do that with everything I moved today.

Bottle today up. Put some of it in a safe place. Bring it out the next time one of these know-it-alls who would have us in lifelong checking accounts tells us that the public is about to panic because of Kosovo, or Seoul, or Beaver Falls for that matter.

And maybe you will trade better on the next big down day or week or month. I know I will.

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