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Highlighting the Market's Positives

Cramer tells you what's good now.
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Looking for positives now. Seeing some in the


and in the retailers.

Good signs for the market. The DOT-type secondaries worked so far -- that's also good news. That's buoying the whole group. We have to hope that the bankers don't get the wrong idea and start bringing out the canceled dot-coms.

It's a little surprising that the


PC call still has traction. Forgive me, but I am playing the other side of that one.

Meantime, I am shaking over this 30-year auction. I put in for $20 million on the bonds, upped it by $10 million, but that's still a small fraction of what I run, so don't get too excited. I know



Oh yeah, second good advance/decline day but not as positive as yesterday.

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