Still getting a lot of heat about my rant against excessive margin. People simply don't believe the power and the abuses I am pointing out. So let's get serious. Check out this email from someone reacting to the

piece I wrote earlier about how critics were saying I am overrating the evils of excessive margin use.

I am a wirehouse broker. I witnessed the near collapse of a 20-broker retail office because of one position. Remember ZITL (ZITL) ? My branch manager loved it. The office built a million-share position in it. So the stock goes from 6 to 96 overnight with people buying more on the way up. Shorts are squeezed out, and then the stock goes from 96 back to 2 overnight. Negative equity situations, you name it. Very ugly situation. Some clients literally lost everything. I remember for a few days every time the phone rang it was a margin clerk looking to sell someone out. Boy, the "veterans" really taught me a lesson with that one. I will never marginalize margin.

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