Here We Go Again

Cramer and cohort are drafting another B2B team. You can help pick.
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Drumroll please! The next round of the

B2B rotisserie league -- the so-called supplemental draft -- is on tap and once again

Matt Jacobs

and I need your help through your comments on our board. (I especially need your help as you know that Matt is killing me, mostly because of his super generous dollop of

Internet Capital Group



Join the discussion on

Cramer's Latest, and talk about the new

B2B candidates.

Same rules. Names get dropped in a hat. We have a mythical $500,000 additional to put to work on five new names. We bid on the names as they come up, and as always, we can pass for the next name.

There are two twists however. First, we are bringing back some of the stocks we red-shirted (















). Second, speaking of old football rules, we are throwing back three of our old picks to be drafted again. (Or, put another way, we are protecting seven exiting names and allowing three others to drift back to the pool.)

Last time your comments played a major role in which stocks we picked. Let's make it happen again.


Cramer Berkowitz

owns none of these stocks. We have to learn them first through the Rotisserie League before we can play them in real life.

But we intend to be up to speed by Thursday when the supplemental draft occurs.

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