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Here Come the Cyclicals

Cyclical stocks are getting their 15 minutes of trading fame. Don't mess with it.

When the cyclicals steamroll, get out of the way. For the past month, they have steamrolled downhill, wiping out everyone and everything in their path. Now they have bottomed, and you have to love the trading action. They are steamrolling uphill now and it feels great. All the strength we are seeing in the market is in the cyclicals. And for a couple of days they will work as a trade, maybe even work big.

What starts these rallies? Usually it is pretty whimsical. The excuse today is the


number. That halo will last the rest of the week as the cyclical analysts, all of who have been huddled in their trenches avoiding the shelling, will now come out tomorrow and reiterate their buys. It is a time-honored cycle. Don't mess with it.

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As we are seeing price increases in resins and wallboard, you can pretty much take your pick of the cyclical litter.

But be forewarned, these stocks will stop working a few weeks after a tightening. They will collapse again. They are strictly for a trade.

Please don't email me and tell me that this time it is different. I will simply fob you off to the e-circular file.

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