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Heading for a Strong Close

The trader thinks today's end-of-session action will bring out buyers, not sellers, tomorrow.
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Midday today a bunch of our brokers made calls to us saying that they expected massive redemptions by mutual funds tomorrow.


This strong close will bring out buyers, not sellers. The fact that we were able to have a rally and it was not met by margin selling (because that selling was

finished) bodes well. Not poorly.

In that last dip we put in a nice chunk of cash to round up to about 35% of our cash. In 1987, we failed to invest enough money in the crash and we always regretted it.

We won't regret this one.

Random musings:

We boned

Matt "I still work here don't I?" Jacobs

with a buy of



. Someone in my office just talked about going to new highs


. Oh man, how quickly we forget the pain. And what's with



? We like the


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