And here I was thinking someone loved me. The first person who sent me the love letter was from Israel, a woman I met doing work on, our sister site in Israel. I remember thinking, why that's awfully forward, doesn't she know about the Trading Goddess?

But then the second "I love you" came from a guy who has been writing me hate mail from Cape Cod. And the third one was from some clown who still thinks I wasn't loud enough with my "

Take Something Off the Table" call. By the time I got to my fourth "I love you," from someone who emails hourly about my column -- I am not kidding -- there was no doubt that I was completely inundated by the "I love you" virus.

Yep, for someone like me who loves email, this one was a nightmare. Fortunately, I get so many -- typically about 100 every night -- that I have to look at the headers before I go into each one, or I will never get through them all. (I delete those cranks who constantly call me a contrarian, a hack or a showboat, plus all of the junk mail I get for signing up with some site that, if I knew which one, I would personally give the virus!!!)

So, I was spared this virus by the streamlined methods I use to get through all important emails.

Random musings:

Todd "I Love You" Harrison

, our head trader, a man for whom

Batch Hammer longs to work, says it ramps today and we get a benign employment number tomorrow. I don't know. He was just featured in

Traders Magazine

-- back page "Brooklyn Bridge Trader" -- so maybe he knows something.

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