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These headline writers sure make it tough on us stock pickers. Once again, Hewlett-Packard undefined will make us all feel like idiots. It will go down despite beating estimates. We will say, "What about this crazy market, who can possibly make a dime in it? It doesn't do anything rational."

And we will be wrong because of the headlines. Hot Water Pipe, as the Street calls it for its stock initials, ran in advance of a better-than-expected quarter. It rallied 10 points. Instead, when the sum of the gross margins and the revenue and the orders -- the stuff that the Street is really looking for -- was put together, we got an



Stocks that run and then deliver an in-line number aren't the kinds of stocks that go up the next day. When the headline writers get together, sometimes I think they say, "Let's throw the market a curveball. Let's just focus on one line that comes out that won't really determine anything and let's put this story to bed." They surround the story in confusion. They should know better by now.

Random musings:

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Suzanne Kapner

, one of the best reporters who ever worked at

is now doing great stuff for the U.K. version and it is beginning to run here. Check out

her piece on


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