Hated, Trashed and Despised

The market is not being kind to drug, banking and food stocks.
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How hated are these drug stocks? How trashed are these banks? How despised are these food stocks? I mean have you looked at

General Mills

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lately? Those guys were doing well. Have you checked out the hated bank stocks?



is on the tape daily saying the right things and nobody cares.

The bottom line is that if you went to the offices of


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today, they have to be in disbelief. They launched a surgical air strike against the sellers and ended up bombing their own! (


(MRK) - Get Report

is having a meeting tomorrow, lotsa luck folks!)

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Meanwhile, little companies hold obscure lunches midtown and their stocks ramp 23! Other companies get rumored to be added to the


and they go up 10! Companies that make it easier to mail, or send, or read or process things online continue to be incredible. And companies that develop other companies that might one day make money helping other companies process orders on the Net?

Those are up the most.

And now Matt "

B2B" Jacobs just walked out to go to three days of meetings about Class Five Switches!! What do I do now? My Rosetta stone headed to Orlando?

Guess I gotta study up on those utilities.

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