You can't leave your office. It is too crazy, too up, too down. I stopped in to help out an organization that aids small businesses today. Before I went in,

the market was crashing. We stuck our bids in. After I got out, the market was soaring and we were ringing up three and four point gains.

Time elapsed: 35 minutes.

Why bother to ring them up? Well, do you know what the numbers are going to be like tomorrow morning? If you do -- and you are not from

Duke & Duke -- my hat is off to you. We don't. We know that 100


points will come right off with the wrong set of numbers and the wrong words from


in the morning.

In the meantime, our "buy them when you can, not when you have to" stance works well. Remember, we are in a hard period. Those who think this game is easy will be flummoxed, twisted, smacked upside the head, hog-tied and branded by the time this phase is through.

Those who know it is hard and do little -- except when they see the whites of the eyes of the sellers -- will be rewarded.

Random musings:

Got some great insights into the dot-com world at my meetings and will share them with the site in my State of the Web piece on Sunday.

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