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Handicapping the Wall Street Handicapper

The trader's take on Gene Marcial's picks of the week.

Gen-o's got two real dice-rollers this morning,

Leap Wireless



Western Digital

(WDC) - Get Report

. Both are the kinds of stocks I hate: They could go up or down huge. And given that they will go up first, because of this column, I would use the strength to take something off the table in both.

Leap is a little wireless company that needs a take-out to make it big. I think this column will give you a chance to bolt without waiting for the take-out.

Western Digital is more problematic. Marcial correctly highlights the positive storage business, but who knows if pricing for drives will ever turn, and Western Digital is a drive company first and foremost. As this is a 7 stock, it is sure to spike at the opening, so go for the percentage gain.

Ah, but his third,



TheStreet Recommends

, is one of mine. Like

American Home Products


, which Gen-o pushed a few weeks back, I like Tyco. It weathered the accounting brouhaha and wound up in the sweet spot because it bought AMP at a low and now connectors are

on fire

. I like this idea, and I won't use Marcial to blow it out. Thanks, tho, G!

Random musings:

Watch out, I am wearing my lucky shirt today -- my "I Yell Because I Care" black T-shirt, and Todd Harrison, my equally superstitious trader, has his

Blue Devils

rally cap on. Don't worry, he is really an orange man, but if his hat is like my shirt, it was something worn to please the gods of trading, and they smiled on him as they did me when I last wore this shirt.

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