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In a move that -- because it has been kept so quiet -- comes as somewhat of a surprise, our sources confirmed Wednesday afternoon that Southwest Airlines will begin flying into the Raleigh-Durham market in June. The airline will start with between 12 and 15 daily flights, from such cities as Nashville, Chicago's Midway and Baltimore, to destinations including Florida.

This is obviously a major blow to

Midway Airlines


, which is based out of Raleigh-Durham. In addition, speculation has been rampant of late that the

American Airlines

unit of



is considering Midway as a possible acquisition candidate.

Well, Southwest Chairman Herb Kelleher just threw a monkey wrench into that scenario.

SkyWest Going To Denver

Don't believe the denials coming out of

Delta Air Lines

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Sources told us Wednesday that it appears Delta Connection partner


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is in fact going to partner up with

United Airlines

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to provide more service out of Denver. This


has always left the partners a bit uncomfortable, as SkyWest flys for both United and Delta as a codeshare partner.

We understand that Delta is not happy about this (SkyWest flies connecting flights for Delta out of its Salt Lake hub) and we need to also remember that Delta owns a lot of SkyWest stock.

But we understand that SkyWest will be in Denver, and will be flying for United Airlines. What will happen to the existing Delta relationship seems up for grabs at this point.

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