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Android Market revamp

promises more mobile media services like movie rentals and book downloads, one of which is a little more timely than others.

The Net search giant says the new Android Market will offer movies starting at $2 for instant viewing or for downloads to watch offline.

The move comes a day after


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raised its prices for streaming video and DVD rentals, creating some uproar among users and highlighting the difficulties of the subscription model versus the pay-per video approach.

Google says the service will be available "in the coming weeks" on newer Android phones running on the Android 2.2 operating system.

Google has been dabbling in

sales of TV shows


Google movie rentals

for the past two years with little success. Part of Google's video challenge has been the limited selection of popular new releases, and the fact that watching movies on computer screens has its drawbacks.

Movies on mobile devices may be a more fruitful territory. With the growth of smartphones and tablets, movie watching in offline situations -- like while sitting on trains and airplanes or in doctors' waiting rooms -- could hold some niche appeal.

But what gives Google movies the biggest potential boost is the large number of Netflix users who have suddenly turned sour on the pricier subscription service. A poll by


shows that more than half of the respondents would

cancel their Netflix


The scramble for the online movie sales has grown heated in the past year.

Giants like


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started its own

Netflix alternative

by offering huge video rental libraries. Media company joint venture


started a paid TV service. And even


jumped into the game with its own

$3 movies


Google's latest Netflix alternative, if nothing else, is set to arrive at a very opportune time.

Google shares were up 1% to $537.75 in early trading Wednesday.

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