Good Signs of Strength - TheStreet

The preliminary signs for tomorrow are encouraging.

Sun Microsystems

(SUNW) - Get Report

, which I am taking right now, reported an excellent quarter and didn't pull any of that Y2K gobbledygook.



, another long of mine, pulled off huge revs and a whisper hit, which should be good news unless there is some lockup I don't know about.



looked solid, although I have to listen to the conference call. That could sure give a boost to the

Red Hots tomorrow, which, by the way, tried to put in a bottom all day.


, which just blew up, shouldn't counteract DoubleClick, unless I don't know my Nets from my elbow.

So, barring an unforeseen PPI number that's horribly large, I am leaving with the hope that I will get a decent night's sleep. Oh, check that -- I never get a decent night's sleep. Let's not overthink it: I am leaving here not worried about Sun Micro. Thank heavens for the little things.

Off to a panel of media bigs, where I intend to slink meekly into the background and say very little.

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