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After my comments

Wednesday about Duke's basketball prospects, many disagreed with my outlook. Even more disheartening? Many had the temerity to question my basketball knowledge!

Well, then, let me set the record straight with my curriculum vitae:

  • Played third-string guard, Salisbury High School, JV basketball team, 1972. (Awards: None. Did get kicked out of practice once, however, for fighting with Norman Hein.)
  • Played starting guard, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity basketball team, 1978. (Awards: First-round playoff losers to Jack Marin's law-school team. Particularly heartbreaking because they fielded only four players that night.)
  • Shared a few beers with Olympian and star Duke guard Tate Armstrong. (Awards: None. He got the girl.)
  • Completed "Coaching Basketball in Secondary Schools," taught by Duke coach Bill Foster. (Awards: Final project earned a B+. Classmates and Duke basketball players Kenny Dennard and Gene Banks managed to get A's.)

Anyway, I could go on and on, of course, but you get the point. Qualified? Please! I'm telling you, if they hadn't just given Coach K a lifetime contract, I'd be on the hardwood right now, teaching Duhon and the boys the finer points of the pick and roll!

Now that we have that out of the way, a bullish


chart to balance my bearish Dow chart of

Wednesday, along with


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Jack Henry

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Morgan Stanley









JDS Uniphase



And that is how it is done here in a very warm Bethesda, where not only am I an expert on basketball, but frankly on all sports! In fact, when they rank great Jewish athletes, I figure I have to be somewhere between Koufax and Al Rosen!

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