Yep, it's the new me. Mr. Mo. Looking for the next h-h-hot sector. Yeeeaah, baby! We're rockin', now. No more gloom and doom, only stocks with room to BOOM!

OK, a little overboard -- I know! But now that I have your attention, let's call in this column's hot hand, Scott Turkel of

TCM Partners

in Connecticut, whose prior picks here (

TSI International Software











) have been nothing short of phenomenal. Caught up with him at the

Robertson Stephens'

technology conference, where he has been wowed by database companies.

His purchases include

Centura Software











TST Recommends

. "Every presentation I've seen out here so far this week," he says, "involves technologies that require new architecture-designed databases that store new media, rich content, streaming media, video, sound -- all of the applications that turn the Web from digital back to analog."

Another fave:



. It has already been a big winner for Turkel, but he's not budging because he believes its patented method of delivering information to cell phones and other wireless devices will result in royalty revenue that hasn't yet been valued.

As for the cheapest Internet play: Turkel thinks it's


(INTU) - Get Report

, which he bought yesterday. It took a hit because last quarter its sales-growth rate sagged, but he believes its multitiered strategy of getting revenue from software, advertising and commerce creates an opportunity.

(But this warning: Turkel has been good at spotting early risers, whose stocks have followed improving fundamentals. No guarantee he'll be right on these. I point this out because unlike


, who


his positions, it's impossible to follow up on every stock mentioned here. And, don't worry, this item has nothing to do with me throwing in the towel. I'm not!

Yesterday's column, which said I was, was a joke. So was that sarcastic intro to today's column. Turkel, however, has been good to this column's readers, and this seemed like an appropriate time to check back with him.)

Short Positions

Down the lazy river:

Who says's

(AMZN) - Get Report

biz model isn't broken? Even CEO Jeff Bezos must agree, these days, based on his comments at a conference earlier this week when he said that he now viewed Amazon as an e-business incubator.

E-business incubator?

What happened to e-tailer? Well, would you want to call yourself an e-tailer these days?

Oh, and didya see what has happened to Amazon's stock since it recently raised $681 million in convertible securities. Off 14%. Slow bleed, anyone?

Happy anniversary to me!

Today marks my second anniversary at

. Couldn't be happier. Thanks for tuning in.

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