Going Euro

The trader is picking up some European telecom bargains. Best of all, these stocks are down for technical reasons.
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We are picking up some European telecom bargains as fund managers sell the big stalwarts to make room for a giant block of


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. This kind of stuff really happens.

I am seeing it happen in



, which I believe is getting sold to raise cash for Vodafone. Same foes for




When big blocks of stock get priced, not everyone is sitting around with billions in cash to put to work. There is real triage going on. It is an opportunity to buy names we like that are down for technical not fundamental reasons.

Random musings

: A mention in

The Wall Street Journal

today that people are putting out shorts in the semis seems very misleading. I haven't seen much shorting at all. How do I know it? It is like pornography. I know it when I see it. I haven't seen it.

Net tastes great; less filling.

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