Yes, yes, I know: No swim updates lately! OK then, here's update No. 1: The long-course season has begun, and after the first meet ... nothing has changed from the short-course season! Diana placed first in both the 50 and 100 breaststroke; Katherine did well in the 100 fly.

But, we'll see how well my kids do when they travel to Richmond, Va., to swim in a few weeks. That meet will have some of the top kids on the East Coast, and any kind of good showing for my brood will bode well for the rest of the season.

And, while we're on the topic of the "rest of the season," keep in mind that, when I do the charts below, the time frame for my "season" is only a few weeks at most. Ask me what I think the market, or your stock, will do in October, and I'll be about as accurate as forecasting what Diana's 200 IM time will be in July. No, strike that. I think I have a far better gauge on that IM time than I do on any long-range market forecasts!

OK, now that we're clear on that, and I've absolved myself of any responsibility whatsoever, it's time for a few charts. Think you have one that can stump me for next week? Send away to Doc Counsilman is standing by to field your queries.

Get, While the Getting Is Good

Gary: I'm almost completely in cash except for this huge long I have on Apple (AAPL) - Get Report (gulp). I bought at levels between 98 and 130. Now what to do? The chart doesn't look good. Gary Moss

Look Down, Not Up

Gary: How about a look at LTX Corp. (LTXX) . I'm long and waiting for an upside move after the earnings report due mid-May. Joel Peck

Waiting for the Green Light

Dear Gary: Can you please take a look at International Rectifier (IRF) . What's your opinion -- either short or long term? Gizur Bergsteinsson

Nothing Like a Good Bottom

Gary: Care to provide your funky thoughts on Xerox (XRX) - Get Report? S. Nijsure

Now Here's a Chart!

Gary: I keep reading that all of the charts that you have been looking at are weak. How about taking a look at Vishay Intertechnology (VSH) - Get Report and giving me your opinion of their chart? Charles Weirich

False Rally?

Hi Gary, I began reading your column out of curiosity six months ago -- even though I'm a pure "fundamentalist." Your thought-provoking approach has helped me begin to understand the whys behind the charts. Now I'm trying to combine a little of both approaches. Nevertheless, I'm very confused about my largest holding, Citrix Systems (CTXS) - Get Report, the leading producer of ASP software. HELP! Where are we going from here? Is there support at the 39-40 level? How about the 29-30 level? Edwin Moure

Either Way You Win

Gary: I love (PCLN) and have made a ton of $$$ on it in the short term, but what do you think about it in the long term? They have a great business model that is scaling very well, but (like many companies) are overvalued, even if they were in the black. What does the chart say? Bobby Braunstein

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