Go Ahead, Call Him a Weasel

Cramer's no rip-snorting bull today, even though he thinks the tape is great.
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Call me weasel.

Mark Haines

did this morning, and it kind of fit. I am not loading the boat up here. I think things look good. I like a ton of stocks. I think the tape is great.

I just don't have a lot of conviction.

Why am I on edge?

    We have had a great run. Now I want us to mark time. If the market were to drop substantially here, it would shock me, though, and I would be a buyer all the way down. Oil over $20 makes me feel nervous. I love it when the black gold is going down. I like it less when it continues to rally. Call me superstitious, but this July-August period is when people lock in profits every year to go to the Vineyard or wherever else people go, and I want to be ready with cash when it happens.

Nothing more than that. Nothing less than that. I was more bullish lower, and I will be less bullish higher.

Yep, call me weasel.

But if oil comes down and we are finished marking time and we start focusing on year 2000 earnings -- which I think will be great -- then I will lose the weasel tag and become a rip-snorting bull again.

Just not yet.

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