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Cramer returns to some of the ideas debated on the most recent episode of ''
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Adam Lashinsky

said on our latest TV episode that you had to be in


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ahead of the company's analyst day, I listened. Boom! This stock is flying. Great flag! Now I am wondering whether I should take him up on


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, which he also said made sense.

Perhaps the most controversial portion of "" on the

Fox News Channel

is Lashinsky vs.

Gary B. Smith

. And the most controversial segment of that show last week was when Smith said you should get out of Microsoft. (Lashinsky said stay the course.)

Here it is about 3:00 p.m., and the only


stock that's not keeping pace with this ramp is Mister Softee. So it is the subject of a ton of introspection here.

In my meeting with

Jeff Berkowitz

, we were both trying to figure out Microsoft's underperformance. The reason why I want a technician on our TV show is because I don't pay enough attention to the technicals. I spend all day talking to companies.

It helps immensely to know that, maybe, one of the reasons it is down is because the chart is bad. That's circular reasoning in some ways (the chart is bad because someone knows something? I don't think so.), but it is a piece of the puzzle. That's all I want sometimes. I like to get into the heads of the sellers and see what they see, even if it is a crummy chart.

That's why I keep coming back to this show as something to watch. Everybody on it is trying to do his or her best to make you money. That's what it is about. That's why it is breakthrough TV.

Tomorrow I am letting a camera crew spend the day with us. I am doing it so you can see how we work here. I hope to capture one of these meetings where Jeff and I knock heads.

You won't want to miss it. (I ordered the dish -- I had to. I can't take the


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procrastination any longer. I have to watch the company's

Channel 8

and its

? Give me a break.)

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