Trade like the pros! Get alerts via cell phone. Get Level II trading. Get professional software that helps you trade!

Get a life!

Who cares about this stuff any more? Trade like the pros? Are you out of your mind? The pros aren't making money here. Let's have some realism. All of the trading systems in the world won't make you a dime IF THE MARKET IS CRUEL AND UNFORGIVING.

Ever since we started

, emailers have asked me what systems I use or what software I have. What a joke! Systems don't make for good investing. Knowledge of companies does. And a recognition of when you can make money and when you can't.

Sure, if you're going to quit your job to stay home and trade you want a good, fast system. But I have bad news for you. It is you, not the system, that will make you money. And right now, you will have a very hard time of it, regardless of your trading system.

All week I will be doing a special series on how hard it has become and how and why that's the case. After reading it, you'll probably care less about having


Level II.

Which is right. That's how it should be. This market is investible. It just isn't tradable, no matter what system you're using.

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