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Gillette Next to Drop Tiger Woods, Poll Says

This week we asked our readers to wager on the next sponsor to terminate contracts with Tiger Woods. The company they considered most likely to drop Tiger? Procter & Gamble's Gillette.
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) -- This past week, we asked our readers to wager on who would be the next sponsor to terminate its contract with Tiger Woods.

Because for those of you who have been in solitary confinement, or have been trapped underneath something heavy and without access to any form of media, it's been a bad few weeks for Tiger Woods.

Tiger, disgraced by an ever-widening sex scandal, has gone through a lot since he announced last Friday his intention to take an indefinite hiatus from professional golf.

Just a few days after his announcement, on Sunday, Accenture said it would remove Woods from its advertising campaigns. In fact, the company has pretty much erased Woods from its memory since then, purging their offices of all his posters and removing him from its sales pitches and slideshow presentations. Accenture says it will manage financially without him and has already started planning for a new ad campaign.

It was after Accenture's announcement that we put our poll up, asking which of Tiger Woods' remaining sponsors would be the next to drop the golfer.

The greatest percentage of voters, 42.7%, felt that


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Gillette brand would be the next to say goodbye to Woods. And indeed, this past week the company announced that it would be phasing him out from its ads as he takes a break from the golf. Perhaps not an official "termination" of their sponsorship, but close.

The next highest proportion of TheStreet readers, 38.7%, said they believed TAG Heuer would be the next to drop Woods from their deal. And indeed, on Friday a Swiss daily reported that the company's CEO said TAG will be removing Woods from all of its ad campaigns in the US, due to the controversy surround the billion-plus dollar golfer.

(It was only on December 10 that TAG had said that its decision to remove all placards bearing Woods' image from jewelry stores across Australia had nothing to do with the recent events.)

The companies that our readers felt were most likely to stand with Tiger were

Electronic Arts


(with only 9.1% of voters expecting the video game maker to drop Tiger Woods) and


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(with only 9.5% of the vote). In fact, not only did Nike chairman Phil Knight stand behing Woods, he even told the

Sports Business Journal

that Woods's errors would prove to be nothing more than a "minor blip" in the grand scheme of his career history, in a story published on Monday.

-- Reported by Andrea Tse in New York

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