Getting to Secondary Base

Buying ahead of the secondary roadshow can make you money -- until everyone starts doing it.
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You can tell when a market is getting really screaming hot, so hot that it might do some burning. It's when people are playing the secondary game. No, I don't mean buying the stocks on the secondary; I mean buying them ahead of the roadshow!

At least three times this morning brokers urged me to buy stocks ahead of a New York roadshow for some secondaries. All sounded exciting. All sounded like they would get a first wind at the show and then a second wind at the pricing.

We have seen this pattern before, in the spring of 1998 and in the spring of 1996. We played it aggressively. Initially it works, but later on, when too many people get wind of it, the strategy kills you. We are still way early in it, so we think the strategy will still make you a ton of money.

Confused about where to find a list of the secondaries worth playing? That's wrong. Just read

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. I do. Darn good.

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