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Getting Out When the Getting Is Bad

Some folks don't care at what price they sell stock.
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Name me three groups of people who don't care at what price they sell stock: the insiders, the venture capitalists and the margin butchers.

I see their footprints everywhere today. They are getting out when the getting is


. They don't care. They want out because they have bases that are so low that these prices still seem like gifts.

Against that are the mutual funds, which are in the midst of figuring out whether they are going to get redemptions or additions. If they get additions, they can make something of a stand, but are they going to make a stand in




Business Objects


? Are they going to stop the downturn in



? Are they going to say "



bottoms here"? Are they going to defend

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14 points below last week's secondary?

Nah. They are cowards. They are going to go buy some drugs and some foods. They are full-up on these recent underwritings and they are looking at a calendar that is still merciless in its supply.

Keep the helmet on. Wait for the shelling. Now that the


is flat on the year, somebody will come in and buy it. Won't be the cavalry, but it will be better than this. We just bought a round of 5000s of our favorite tech stocks and we were down three on every one of them by the time we got the reports.

Not confidence-inspiring. But we couldn't resist, given these down levels for some of our faves, like


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