Why bother to sell? You incur taxes. You get out when others want in. You run the risk of missing a 40-point move. A 40-point move!!!! A 40-point move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Have I emphasized that appropriately?)

And which particular 40-point move am I talking about today? Try

Vitria Software


. What happened with Vitria, a stock I intended to draft first in my supplemental draft with

Matt "B2B" Jacobs

? It got mentioned by

Gary B. Smith

in this morning's

column as a great chart.

No research. No news. Just a GBS special. For 10 bucks a month, the guy just made you 40 big ones.

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Oops, make that a 50-point move.

What a sector!!

I keep asking myself, where are the sellers? And I keep hearing that litany. We have created a generation of people who think it is sinful to sell, flip or take things off the table. A generation of people who would rather ride something down than pay the tax man. A generation of people who know one thing: Hold it today, there will be a buyer willing to pay more tomorrow.

And who am I to say that generation is wrong?

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