Gee, I wish I could be as bearish as those commentators on TV. Ah, it must be such a great relief to say this isn't a rally. Don't pay attention to the prices on your screen! They can't be taken to the bank.

How positively statesmanlike! Sage alert!

All I can tell you as what I told

Jeff Berkowitz

this morning in one of our 40 strategy sessions: "The last CPI number scared me and made me very nervous. This one makes me less nervous."

Jeff came back and put it quantitatively, geek that he is: "If you thought this market was a three before on a one-to-five scale, one being great and five being Jim Grant-like, you now think it is a two."Sure, I want to hear what

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has to say. But I can't tell you that I am on the fence until he talks. Let's say he says he has to stay tough on inflation and vigilant and that he might tighten. Do I have to wait until then to buy? I have heard that before. About 200 times in the last 12 years.

Market wound up higher each time.

I would prefer to buy ahead of that, not after it.

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