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Cramer offers two recent <I>TSC</I> articles as starting points for investment research and strategies.
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You have to know how to use to make money. As someone who is a huge consumer of, let me give you two solid examples of what I do to benefit from the columns.

First, let's take

Suzanne Kapner's

article about

J.C. Penney

(JCP) - Get Report

this morning. Kapner's the best retail reporter in this country, and her stories have been money in the bank. I have been attuned to JCP ever since our TV show last weekend, when

Rob Friedman

said that Penney may be worth more on a breakup value than the market thinks.

Now I have more ammo in my quiver. Kapner talks about a potential stream of earnings I didn't know about. Maybe Penney is worth even more than Friedman says.

So what I do is I call around and ask my brokers whether anybody has any info on this proxy statement that talks about the breakup (available online, of course). Sure enough,


has a conference call tomorrow on JCP's proxy, and then I can get even closer to making an investment decision to buy.

I use Kapner's piece as a starting place for work. That's why I believe that reporting is the way to find out about stocks (see my

speech to

Friedman Billings

) and can make you more money than research reports.

A second insight came last night from

Aaron Task's

column, in which he mentions



. I love an insight from someone in a business I don't know telling me about how to make money. I am using this tidbit to talk to analysts about how Enron may be doing and getting ready to pounce if the stock suffers from some market-related dislocation.

Little things. Little ideas. Spurring you to make calls, read more, find out more, be involved in stocks you might not normally be involved in where the grass may be greener than in semis or telco-tech or PCs.

That's how to make this thing work for you.

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