Shorts are scrambling to cover their positions in the financials ahead of the

Fed. As they go higher I am tempted to blow them out myself if only to get in shape if they get hit tomorrow.

This financial group is the one I like the least ahead of a tightening. (See my 1994

series). These stocks are most affected negatively by the higher short-term rates.

Why are the shorts covering? Simple. They fear a statement from the Fed, notably something like "We are confident, in light of the recent softer economic numbers, that we no longer need a tightening bias."

That statement would cause a spike in the financials that most short-sellers couldn't handle.

I don't think that we will get such a change. But I don't blame short-sellers for panicking ahead of that possibility because I know I would be one of those people reaching for


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Wells Fargo

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if I got that news.

Random musings:

Am I the only one who doesn't like the HoneyDots? Can I get a box of trained attack weasels and sic them on the advertising agency that created those horrible Williams ads?

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