It is no break to be waiting in various hospitals in Philadelphia and New York, but I confess to finding no surprises on my screen after these two days.



ramps and listed lists. What else is new?

Sure, divergences should be corrected. Certainly one part of the market is out of whack with the other. But you know what I find surprising? The few Old Economy stocks we have keep getting hammered. As a lark I called in from the hospital to ask what was down the most, thinking it might be one of

Matt "Volatility" Jacobs'




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! It was Dial. The same stock that, when it was 24, I wrote that I wanted to be short stocks that move in quarter-points and long stocks that move in 2- and 3-point increments. Boy, was that right! Dial has now been cut in half. When the



and the


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724 Solutions


) continue to ramp.

Oh yeah, and to those of you who sent me email about how I was going to get clubbed in


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, I have bad news for you. That's where I thought it would be, too.

Random musings:

Looks like my wife will be setting off a few metal detectors. A plate and seven screws later, and she still isn't up from the recovery room. And the doctor gave me the heads-up to use the pain killers.


Trading Goddess.

And get this! My dad just got discharged. Laser surgery, just amazing!

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