Europe's got enough clout to make the first move up fail. Yes, there will be a move up and it will be on the


. We don't want to bite. We will buy the second move after the failure of the first move up.

Why game it so tightly? Because you have to be ready on these big down days to avoid the fake outs that will come as mutual funds put their weekend monies in. That's the money that comes in every weekend -- week in and week out.

Why even buy at all? Because Japan slipping into a recession is actually the first pressure on the


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tighten that may make things palatable in the future for stocks. Remember, the Fed is trying to brake the economy. (And break the economy -- LOL!). If Japan slips back into a recession, the Fed will be less likely to continue to tighten aggressively.

That's bullish, not bearish. In the cloud of negativity that now hangs over the market this morning, don't forget that distinction. You won't hear it anywhere else.

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