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Looks like the

conference bug is about to bite. I have watched a bunch of stocks trade up after that topsy-turvy opening, and almost all of them are expected to give good conference presentations.

The Net, Net infrastructure and

B2B plays are all on target to tell great stories. I have mentioned


as an example of one that might speak positively and get things rolling. Two of our staff used it this weekend; one saved $50 the other $35. Both raved about the savings for everyday staples such as coffee and soda, and cereal and milk. We shop at


-- suburbs vs. city, I guess -- so I know the feeling of these windfalls.

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We are also expecting positives from the usual B2B players from our

Rotisserie League

and we like the action in



. No, our staff bought nothing from Brocade. This one is strictly homework-driven.

Random musings

: How about a weekly lockup expiration flag? The stocks that are down the most are ones where the lockups have expired and the sellers are thick as thieves! ... Hidden breaks from the end of the year file: the last time I have to look at that


gift ad. ... Contest: If you have been turned down by

Brown & Co.

as an investor, please email me.

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