Get Out Your Worry Beads

And expect lots of hand-wringing over whether we'll get to Dow 11,000 any time soon.
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11,000, a real killer. Do you think we will now have to suffer through whole issues of


, etc., worrying about whether we will ever get through Dow 11,000? Will we have to hear about postponed Dow specials? How about pieces saying that this milestone, unlike the last seven, maybe really is insurmountable?

Yeah, I guess we are going to have to endure lots of hand-wringing over this one.

Look at it this way, we could use some worry in this tape. We get cocky as we approach these thousand milestones and we need the journalists to stir the pot and get everyone scared of their shadows. We need the shakeout.

From the feel of today, unless the boys from


et al. come in to support The Stocks Everybody Loves, looks like we are going to get it.

Don't forget, special

Examing Cyclicals rewrite tomorrow, with some classic cyclical anecdotes, including my multimillion-dollar loss from a

Phelps Dodge

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Reynolds Metals

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buy made at the end of the line for "It's a Small World" -- one that I realized by the time I got through the

Pirates of the Caribbean

that afternoon.

"Yo-ho, Yo-ho, the cyclical's life's for me."

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