"Get me a high-speed wireless Internet play and get me it now! Not tomorrow. Now!"

If those 15 words don't describe everything that is happening on your screen, I don't know what does. Take

724 Solutions


. A week ago I sat in

Jeff Berkowitz's

office listening to

Matt "NetWithoutWires" Jacobs

regale us with a story of a $5 billion wireless play that wires banks to the Internet securely. He said it was a $5 billion company that would become a $10 billion company this year. He got everything right except the time frame: It happened in a week. People


these. They need these to keep up with the


. So they'll pay any price for them.

And they are.

Random musings:



proves once again when the short happens, cover. When Lucent blew up I didn't think it could come back. That was wrong. It has roared back. If you were short this stock and you didn't bring it in, like


would say about the rich, it's your own fault.

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