My worst nightmare. I get home at 9:15 p.m. after a long day and another


rehearsal, and what do I see but my wife and her mother surfing the Web and spotting my

story about second guessing.

As I said last night,

Jeff Berkowitz

and I had more than our share of second guessing yesterday. I was furious at myself for not being able to buy things during the now three-hour "Squawk Box," including that fantastic



story. Jeff was banging his head against the wall, cursing our lack of involvement in






. I wanted



, even though we all know drives stink to high heaven.

We wanted these, of course, because


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was so upbeat that it gave an all-clear to buy anything PC tech. It was easy yesterday. We made it hard.

But now I steeled myself. I knew I would have to hear my wife berate me for writing about her being angry about me for my second guessing and about my second guessing to begin with. The

Trading Goddess

hates when I portray her as carping and difficult.

Unlike the old days, when my wife had to battle me at every stage to stop me from putting some new names on the sheets, this time she could afford not to kick me when I was down. She could read that I was truly upset that we had missed a big move. She saw I was dog-tired, a state this

Energizer Bunny


So I was gratified when she reminded me: "The question is not whether you missed it yesterday. The question is, will it go up today? If it will, then you should buy it and forget yesterday.

Of course, she could not resist a jab that I should have been buying this stuff all week, but she understood my reluctance to move ahead of knowing what Intel had to say.

Still, she gave me back my game plan. If I think Novellus is going up, and I do, I should buy some.

If you think it has more to run, forget what you did yesterday and buy it today.

Regardless of whether you missed a 3-point move already.

And that's what I will do.

Random musings:

The wrong guy

left at

Advanced Micro

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