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"What do you think will happen to the market?" Yeah, right there, that's the No. 1 question I'm getting these days. (No. 2: "What happened to your golf game, Gary?") I have my opinions, of course, and you can see them on display nearly every day in this column.

But do I act on them? Rarely. I always let the specific trades I'm seeing dictate how bullish or bearish I'm going to be. That's right, I might think the


is going to zero, but if I keep coming up with Nasdaq long trades instead of shorts, then I'll keep betting on "up" rather than "down."

Of course, this might be viewed as a blatant sales pitch for The Chartman's Top Stocks, but I hope it's more than that. The real message? Your opinions are fine. But make sure you also have a reliable methodology for telling you whether to be long, short or even out of the market. Over the years, it's that methodology -- not what I think will happen -- that's made me money.

Today, the Nasdaq,


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And that is the final word from Phoenix, where I was impressed by the Diamondbacks for sure. More impressed, though, by Ray Charles. Boy, talk about a pro. The man is 71 years old and still gives me goose bumps!

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