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Geithner: U.S. Credit Rating Secure

The Treasury secretary says the government won't lose its untarnished credit rating even as it runs large deficits.



) -- Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner reportedly said the government won't lose its spotless credit rating even though it's running large deficits.

In an interview Sunday with


"This Week," Geithner said that international investors will continue to buy Treasuries as a safe-haven investment at times of economic crisis, according to the

Associated Press

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His statements come at the end of a week during which global markets were roiled by concerns about the sovereign debt levels of Greece, Spain and Portugal. They also come shortly after Congress increased the debt limit to more than $14 trillion.

Moody's Investors Service has warned that the government could lose its sterling credit rating if it's finances don't improve, the


noted. If that happened, the government's borrowing costs would increase significantly.

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