GE Was the Tell

Blue-chips keep boomin', and Compaq should do some broomin'.
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General Electric (GE) - Get Report was your tell today. It opened at its low. It then rallied for the rest of the day. GE told you that whatever happened to Compaq (CPQ) would be contained to Compaq.

Moves like GE's are exactly what I want to see. It told me that there would not be a correction. (You needed tells like this because

Ralph Acampora

and his ilk came out and called for a correction today. Man, am I ever sick of him being so wrong. Jeannie, order me sackcloth just in case.)

You have to look for tells to add to your conviction because there is so much out there to subtract from it. In particular, the preopen SPX futures produced another false tell -- they so often do -- and the talking heads, who keyed off these futures, compounded the problem.

Two conclusions: Compaq should do some brooming. People should read


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Don't forget my chat with the

Merrill man. I will remember my manners.

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