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Gary Must Be the Only One Annoyed With This Market

He's disgusted with the market's choppiness and with the Braves. Also, read his take on America Online and NorthWestern.

Damn Yankees!

Now, I like the


. In fact, I'm kind of a fan. But, shoot, I was hoping for a nice seven-game series, with a few nail-biting moments along the way.

Instead, el sweepo. Disgusting.

And on the subject of disgusting, that's what I think of this market. Yeah, some great up days. And some great down days. But what I'm really seeing is just annoying choppiness. Pathetic.

OK, enough whining for now.

Questions, comments, gripes? Fire away because I have answers to all and can carp with the best of 'em. is our address, and you'll get much better service if you remember to include your full name.

In Search of the Perfect Tracking Software

First up is astute reader Mike Wilkins, who just was not going to be satisfied until he found some portfolio software he liked. He has listed a site below, but don't forget to check out's


portfolio offering. It's pretty good stuff.

TheStreet Recommends

A couple of weeks ago, I asked for your advice on portfolio performance software. You said you typically use Lotus and that the only other oft-mentioned piece is Quicken. I finally found one that appears to be both thorough and very simple to use -- for example, all you have to do is enter month-end brokerage account or mutual fund values followed by the number, timing and amount of any deposits or withdrawals. In addition to trailing month, quarter or year-to-date returns analysis, it spits out risk measures and market-index comparisons (both graphically and numerically). This product seems to offer the average Joe or Jane the ability to produce his or her own "here's how I've done" mutual fund prospectus lookalike. It's also cheap -- $30 if you order before Nov. 1 and $50 otherwise. The site is

Factoring in the Business

Technical analysis is something new for me, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can. Please take a look at Digital Origin (DODV) , and give me your opinion. One question: How do you factor in the underlying business of a company you're looking at when analyzing a chart? What I mean is Digital Origin (formerly Radius) used to be a hardware company. It has transformed itself into a software company. How relevant is the chart from years past if the company has completely changed its business (or do you even care)? -- Pete Wenzel

Pete, I honestly don't care what business the company is in. Or was in. Or will be in! Hopefully, all that information is imbedded in the chart somewhere. And if not? Well, I don't worry about it anyway!

Wither AOL?

I was wondering about your thoughts on America Online (AOL) . It looks like it's finding it tough to cross the 125 barrier. It has bounced off it twice. Do you think AOL is headed lower before going higher? -- Praveen Pathak

It's That Old Resistance Again

Can you review Santa Cruz Operation (SCOC) , which is the leader in the Intel (INTC) - Get Intel Corporation Report/Unix PC market? -- Peter Hsu

Household Not a Bad Roof

I have my 401k in Household International (HI) - Get Hillenbrand, Inc. Report. I've seen the stock make it to 50 a couple of times, but it always comes back to 40. Should I hold or sell? -- Avinash Chopra

Bets Are off on Youbet

What do you know about (UBET) ? After the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office launched an inquiry to determine if it is a legal business, the online wagering company's stock went to 3 1/2 from 6 1/2. Where is it going from here? -- Greg Epstein

All Cleaned Out and Ready to Go

I've heard a lot about QLT Phototherapeutics (QLTI) lately. They have a review for Visudyne on Nov. 17. It has been trading sideways for some time now, with lots of volatility. What do you think about this one? -- Britt Tisdale

Not a Pretty Beast

I'd like your opinion on NorthWestern (NOR) . It's expected to take its telecom arm (Expanets) public. That being the case, we'd have a boring utility with an exciting telecom arm -- beauty and the beast. -- Alexis Willacey

Acrophobia, Anyone?

If possible, can I get your view of MicroStrategy (MSTR) - Get MicroStrategy Incorporated Class A Report? It looks like it's come out of a long period of congestion to trend to the upside, but this is ridiculous. Its chart gives me a nosebleed. (I'm looking for an entry point; otherwise its chart would give me a thrill.) -- Al Lazar

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