Many things to update you all on, but with the family and me trying to catch a train to New York City (we


miss the parade!), I'll have to delay the chit-chat (as well as good swimming updates) and cut right to the charts.

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Pass (on) the Winner, Please

I was fooling around with TeleChart 2000 today, and I decided to use the GBS formula and scan's Red Hot index. Both JDS Uniphase (JDSU) and Broadcom (BRCM) came up "true" using your formula. They seem to meet your criteria, but I wanted to find out what you think about them. What is your opinion of either JDS or Broadcom? Would you go long either or both? -- Bruce Emerson


Before I get to the chart, let me answer the first question everyone will ask: The scans Bruce refers to are in my

May 3 column!

OK, let's look at JDS.

Adam Says Caution; Chartman Says Buy

I'm looking at Metricom (MCOM) here and have been getting conflicting signals. The chart looks good, but your sidekick, Adam Lashinsky, has been playing the grumpy bear on this issue. What do your charts say? -- Dave Goldstein

Tower Has Topped

Please take a look at the chart of American Tower (AMT) - Get Report for me. I love the fundamentals of the company; competing with them will be very difficult. I'm in at 18 1/4. The recent downgrade didn't exactly halt this rocket. The long-term trend line and the current one tell different stories. I am looking for a short-term exit target. -- John Moreno

Practically Perfect in Every Way

You took a look at THQ (THQI) back on July 22. It has really broken out the past few days and appears to be going higher. How about an update? A statement on the high short interest? -- Jim Lish

Don't Copy This One

Reckon the TA of Xerox (XRX) - Get Report shows a potential upside here? Or are we gonna tread water like a Canon (CANNY) ball? -- BW Fahrner

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