The new new game: guessing what goes into the

Nasdaq 100

. With the trumping of the NDX over the

New York Stock Exchange

, comes, of course, the brigade of indexers who try to match that new benchmark.

So, last night was a night of rejoicing for



shareholders, including

Cramer Berkowitz


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I have to admit I didn't believe it myself. I was headed uptown when Jeff called me on my


, hmmmm, I mean my


, and told me that he just sold some Gemstar up 12 because it got added to the NDX 100.

"Get out of town" was my reaction. "How could it move that much on this? That has to be a mistake."

But here I am selling more at 76 this morning.

Go figure.

Random musings:

Gary B. Smith

made my life pretty easy this morning by

confirming what my work told me about my

draft picks. Many, many thanks to all of you who weighed in on the boards, especially Tim Braman, who should have a team of his own.

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