Expiration Thursday? This one is really hard to game. We saw some stocks like


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rip down through strikes -- the 125 and 120 -- and I can't believe that stock won't get pinned at 120 today.

The wild card is


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, which has a conference call slated for after expiration. That means the April 80 calls, which expire at the close, won't give you the call you are looking for as a way to play the possibilities that 'Soft had a stronger March to make up for the weak January.

We think today is a benign day. We think most stocks have worked their way to strikes that will define the activity. Research has been quiet, even though the conference calls continue to pour in.

I suspect people will try to sneak out early today ahead of the three-day weekend. Maybe, just maybe, nothing will happen. Would that be a pleasure, or what?

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