You know why I don't retire? Because if you can game days like this, you walk out feeling fabulous. Oh the lows are bad, so bad that lithium doesn't dent them. Klonopin doesn't help. Even Dr. Melfi's Atavan doesn't work on the lows; trust me; I know.

But the highs, oh my, it is unbelievable. I can't believe someone was paying attention to

St. Bonaventure

today. If I were the starting center of St. Bonaventure I would be glued to the


Growing Graph that should be mandatory in all


arenas. Wake me for the Final Four -- I like



Yeah, it was that kind of day, where the excitement could stop your heart and then start it up twice as fast. The type of day that, if you are not in training for it, would set you back years. The type of day that, if I weren't bald, would have made me that way -- half from worry, half from hair pulling.

The type of day that keeps you in the game. The type of day that makes this the


game I want to know.

Oh, by the way, if you didn't think it was a game, if you are one of those graybeard purists who wish you could epoxy my fingers to the keyboard and throw it away, you are, as they say, WRONG!

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